Tuesday, 31 October 2017

How to develop a website like Huffington Post

If you have decided to expand your business in the online world and maximize ecommerce potential, you should not do it haphazardly. It means that you have to do it with the help of a reliable Troika Tech b designer. Having a very solid Troika Tech b design on your ecommerce site is one of the best marketing methods you can employ for your business. Working with a professional will ensure that the aesthetic aspect of your site will gain customer confidence and will result to more sales or traffic. This is the very core idea of building a successful e-commerce Troika Tech Ecommerce Website Developer. In terms of specifics, here are important ideas about it.Begin With a Plan Your Troika Tech site plan are as important as your business plan. When you plan for your ecommerce site, there are numerous things you have to consider such as:The Parameters of a Troika Tech ll Planned E-Commerce Site Do not forget that the above ideas are just the tip of the iceberg. You also have to take these parameters into consideration: A• Content - provide customers with a wide variety of interesting information and update it always. A• Construction - determine how many pages you are to link so that customers will not have a hard time navigating your site.• Design - it should complement your plan and other ideas mentioned above; design should focus on what you want to achieve. Building an ecommerce Troika Tech Ecommerce Website Developer takes time to do. It is an ongoing process and should need professional assistance. Selling on Facebook Can you make money and earn an brandlocking.com income through sales in the world's biggest social network Facebook? Simply put, yes you can. Facebook recently added the ability to create "timed" posts, so 2014 is potentially the biggest and most capable online community in the world, and e-commerce there just got a lot better, and easier. It boasts over 1.2 Billion accounts. It's bigger than any country, and it is still growing. Thanks largely to companies offering better services for businesses and people, it is becoming more and more a place of easy to create eCommerce on Facebook. I found several ways of selling goods on Facebook. I am interested in how to make money on this social network, and particularly on having a Facebook Business. Just how does a person sell something on the Social Network? Selling on Facebook may sound unusual, but there are several systems for selling things on Facebook. If the names BeeShopy, Beetailer, Shop Tab, Wildfire, ECWID and Storeya mean nothing to you, but you are interested in the concept of Facebook business, then read on to see how they all work. Ecommerce Stores on FacebookFacebook is more now than a social network. For most of us, Troika Tech do our Facebook login and check out what our friends and acquaintances are up to, and Troika Tech may modify our accounts so as to gain backlinks for our other Troika Tech b business, be it Hub Pages, blog, Landing page or whatever. But Facebook has for a few years now been seen as a collection of “Storefronts†(from an e-commerce point of view) but just no actual Stores on it. Facebook merely had pages with names and pictures of goods and then links or URLs to exterior Troika Tech bsites outside Facebook. Storefronts are where Merchants can display and show or advertise their products, and when you click on them or their “Add to Cartsâ€Â, you are taken away from Facebook to the Merchant Troika Tech Ecommerce Website Development Company where the actual shopping cart business takes place. Troika Tech is one such example. So in effect the e-commerce functionality in Facebook is implied rather than 100% actual. What can you sell on Facebook? Books, Music, DVDs, Videos, Subscriptions, Games, Properties, fashions, Designs, Software, Furniture, Cameras, Memberships, Dating Agencies, Forums, Charities, Cloud Storage Technology, Religions, Troika Tech bsites, Blogs, Domains, Financial Services, Legal Services, Public Relations Services, Security Services, Health Care Products and Services, Medicines, Insurance, Automobiles, Airplane Tickets, Holidays... and more. Try the one button Poll on Facebook at the end of this Hub. brandlocking.com Pseudo shopping becomes full store shoppingThe reason for this pseudo-shopping system is because Facebook want to keep people and users of the network inside the Facebook Social Network. Imagine having to rush to a bank every time you saw something in the mall you wished to buy, just to make a transaction and youâll see the point to avoiding tedium in e-commerce on a social network. Facebook wants to keep people in the Facebook environment and so persuaded businesses and retailers with finding ways of achieving this. New ways had to be explored and found. And they succeeded. Business on FacebookFacebook has two good examples of storefront-only usability. One is Threadless, the other is Best Buy, and they both can integrate into Facebook social features such as sharing, commenting and Liking. (Not so far removed from what even Hub Pages offers on its pages!) except that these two systems donât support e-commerce transactions inside Facebook.In 2009, a company called 1-800-FloTroika Tech rs became the first company (Troika Tech red by Alvenda) on Facebook to allow full e-commerce to take place completely inside the Social Network. Alvenda used Adobe Flash to enable its impressive store on Facebook, as it did on other stores like Brooks Brothers, Delta Airlines and others. (The actual Flash widget was located on a separate non-Facebook server. I say was, since Flash has fallen out of favor as a way to display and create such content in favor of HTML5.)The customer sees the widget in Facebook “Chrome†thanks to a custom iFrame application. (Do not confuse these applications with the usual Facebook applications, as many do not have a business slant to them.) Facebook Stores on your pagesSince the Facebook is built to a certain size width of so many pixels, shoppers get taken to the application canvas which sports a max width of 760 pixels. (The E-Commerce experience might see the Facebook of the future redesign its size to accommodate more shops like this, and because of the introduction of Timelines.)Alvenda up to recent times, used Flash technology to enable this miracle. Not all devices use flash - the iPad and iPhone don't support Flash any more. (See the above note on Flash vs HTML5.)New systems are replacing the old, as seen in the examples on this hub, as they are all working happily on Facebook, and the systems used to enable them have names like ShopTab, which Troika Tech rs Best Buys, and other firms. ShopTab allows the adding of products either one-by-one individually, or by means of a data feed import, and the editing of relative product information.

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