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Build a site like eBay

It’s a matter of the utmost importance for conscientious brands and companies to hire trusted and experienced SEO (Search Engine Optimization) service providers for their business promotion and outreach.  

As you commence your business one of the important aspects is the launch of a user-friendly and fully operational website. Once functional, it is imperative that you can drive traffic towards your site in order to grow your client base and ultimately your business.If this isn’t your field of expertise, it’s probably advisable to enlist the services of an SEO company that can help you achieve your desired goals. There are many agencies, as well as individuals offering these services, so you need to get a thorough understanding of what you are looking for.

An experiment agency assists you in catching the target client and promoting the business online. While hiring a genuine service provider, the following points should be seriously considered.

It is important that you have clearly defined business objectives in place before recruiting the services of an SEO company. You need to decide if you are looking to increase sales or just online traffic to your website.

If you are unsure of your key requisites, your SEO strategy is likely to be less targeted and unfruitful. Once your aspirations have been identified, make sure these are well communicated to your chosen SEO team so that the goal is unified and easy to measure.

Fortunately, the market has mushroomed with agencies offering many online marketing services, so it is possible to have a bespoke package tailored to the needs of your specific business.

Online research is essential when acquiring the service of an SEO expert, this will not only give you a better understanding of services available and what would be beneficial for your businesses, it will also assist you with gaining cost comparisons and customer reviews.

Getting Quotes

Getting and comparing quotes from reputed companies is always a good idea. Luckily almost all well-renowned SEO agencies offer a free no obligatory SEO audit. If you are new to the SEO arena, it is always wise to choose an agency that has office space in your area(that way, you get to meet face to face with your assigned account manager, you can establish what the price entails and ascertain if there are any hidden costs. Are the costs performance based and what if the SEO campaigns are unsuccessful? Understanding all of this will aid you in choosing the agency that that will work best for your business.

Ask For Past Work Samples

While choosing an SEO partner, you may prefer a company with several years’ experience in their relevant field. You should ask for past work samples to check the success and validity of their previous campaigns.

Do not hesitate to ask for references. An experienced agency will readily provide you with a portfolio of past success stories along with factual data that can validate their eminence. This data can give you an insight into the type of campaign that you would like to run. How would your business benefit from such operations? It can be beneficial to see the campaigns that have been orchestrated for businesses in the same industry sector as yours, what worked, what didn’t. There may be some confidentiality clauses in place which prevents some information being disclosed, but if you don’t ask you don’t get. Whilst your chosen agency may not be able to give you specifics, they will certainly lead you down a path that would garner the best results. Your success is their success.

Avoid just checking the SEO company’s website for references, they may only publish the ones that paint them in a good light, so also check review sites, forums and local business directories where you are more likely to find an unbiased review.  

Seeing Is Believing

So many SEO agencies over promise and under deliver, stating that they will get your business number 1 in search engine results in just a couple of months. Increasing Google rankings is not as quick as flicking a switch and any one that tells you otherwise should be given a wide berth. Keep in mind, SEO is comprehensive and can require a long term strategy. There are a lot of factors that need to be altered in order for your website to be fruitful in rankings. A long term plan with your chosen SEO Company is advisable to achieve positive and maintain results.

Any company with a web presence, that wants to succeed in this day and age, must rely on the expertise of an SEO Company. You will most likely have invested a lot, in terms of time and capital to get to this point, assigning some budget for a well-executed SEO campaign could be all that is necessary to take your business from mediocre to million dollars! 

Hiring an SEO can be stressful. If you own a website, then, you must know about SEO Guarantee. There are certain points that you should know.

‘Guarantee’- we completely understand that you would be attracted to this word, especially if you are looking for the best internet marketing solutions for your business. Talking of best internet marketing solutions, SEO comes at top. Hiring an SEO firm can be stressful. From hundreds to several hundreds, thousands to hundreds of thousands bucks, the price can vary depending on SEO firms and most importantly, your specific needs. If you own a website, then, you are likely to receive several (may be hundreds) Search Engine Optimization Guarantee mails. With this, SEO Guarantee comes at the center of your search.

Many SEO (Search Engine Optimization) firms offer guaranteed #1 ranking in search engine results, with a set of targeted keywords in a particular time frame. Here are few ‘fake claims’ that must ring an alarm for you while screening SEO firms for your website –

Guaranteed 1st rank for any and every keyword of your choice!

First thing – Google’s official statement reads – “No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google”.

Beware of an SEO firm that offers guaranteed #1 ranking asserting a “special relationship” with Google or through “priority Submit” for two reasons:

Google never accepts money to include or rank sites in our search results, and it costs nothing to appear in our organic search results.
The only way to submit a site to Google is through Add URL page or by submitting a Sitemap and it is cost free. In fact, you can do this yourself. (Quoted from Google’s official statement from title ‘do you need an SEO?’)


Second thing – Keyword selection is one of the most important aspect of the Search Engine Optimization process. To set the keyword, an SEO expert should do the preliminary analysis and on that basis, search engine optimizer sets out with a list of targeted keywords mutually agreed upon by the client. 

Free SEO trials

SEO is a tedious process and requires days of work. No legitimate SEO firm can do it for free. Further, in return of ‘free trial’ they can ask for access to your hosting account. Imagine what harm they can do! Promises that are too good to be true, simply stay away from them.

Undisclosed SEO strategy

Mysterious or Supernatural power or magic hat? A legitimate SEO firm will explain its strategy - what they are planning for your website. If not, then there is a black hat trick that will, sooner or later, get you banned on every search engine.

Ours is the lowest price

Well, if an SEO firm is offering you the lowest price, then all we can say is, you get what you pay for!

We offer Free of Cost service

Really? That’s one step ahead of the previous spam that we mentioned. There can be some special rebates once in a while, but entire service for free is nothing but a spam!

Guaranteed SEO Services are not always a claim to shirk away from. There are SEO firms that keep their word and ensure that their clients get the top rankings. A genuine SEO firm boosts client’s confidence with valid information and clear strategy. It’ll ensure -

  • SEO activities executed as per work reports
  • 1 on 1 online meeting sessions to show regular work progress
  • Weekly & monthly work reports.

So, before hiring an SEO firm for your website, make a point to assess the agency for its experience, market reputation, success rate and SEO techniques.          

Whether you’re running a busy business like a food place or selling a niche item like a chair for posture support, it’s important that your website appears in search results when they Google the items you sell or the services that you offer. Search engine optimization (SEO) is what drives traffic to your site and make people more aware that your business exists.

But it’s not a one-man effort. You need a professional team who knows how search engines work. You need to hire an SEO agency. Here’s why you should invest in SEO for your business.

Driving More Visitors to Your Site

It’s not enough to rely on organic visits without an SEO campaign especially when you’re a start-up and your business is young, or if your brand isn’t very well-known. People use search engines to find what they need and want, and if you’re selling a product or service that concerns them, they at least need to click on your website to look around before you can make any profit.

A good SEO agency will implement a strategy to ensure that Google and other search engines detect the keywords (which are your services and products) in your web content, as well as generate back links that will use your web pages as a reference. This will make you rank higher in the search results and helps with brand awareness.

Building the Credibility of Your Brand

Google is a trusted brand. People rely on what pops up on the first page of their search results. In fact, they don’t usually go beyond the first page or the first three results that appear. They trust Google’s ranking as a filter from poorly written and unreliable content.  If your site doesn’t even come up when they search for whatever it is that you’re selling, it’s easy to label your business as bogus, even if you sell high-quality products.

The content in your website needs to be optimized by a team of SEO and web content experts to suit Google’s ranking algorithm based on the number, placement, and reference point of keywords. They also need to put articles on other platforms that will link back to your website as a reference so it becomes more credible.

Standing Out From the Crowd

There are billions of websites out there, and hundreds of millions that contain the same keywords that you use. People don’t have time to view every single online shop to buy what they need, especially because we live in a century of immediate gratification. Search engine made it a lot easier for consumers and it can be used to the advantage of businesses as well with SEO.

What people do nowadays is Google for what they need: sports car for sale, entertainment for hire, food places in the city, or cure for back pain, etc. There are tons of shops that sell the exact same thing you’re selling. This is why you need to make your website stand out by putting it on the search engine’s front page.

Marketing alone is useless. Even if you generate excellent content, with high-definition graphics, amusing GIFs, and a meticulously planned advertising campaign, if it doesn’t rank on search engines, no one is going to notice it. Who has the time to view until page 100 of the results just to see their options? You have to pair all of these with a great strategy for search engine optimization as well.


You’re losing out on an opportunity to widen your market and increase your profit if you don’t invest in ranking your sites. Hire an SEO partner now!

If you think that these two things do not intertwine with each other, then you are a bit wrong. It is time to increase your knowledge in this connection. Actually, SEO and the architecture of your website cannot survive with each other.

To put in other words, they both are deeply connected and quite essential to portray a successful story of the website. It seems essential to portrays that without having the property web designing; SEO cannot help to bring huge traffic to your site. Those sites that are dedicated towards SEO always put extra efforts to churn out the best results.  

What About The Amalgamation Of SEO and Web Design


Saying would not be wrong that if any one of the two is underestimated, your website cannot lure the potential customers. Without having the fascinating website, it becomes tough to keep the customer engaged with your site. In this context, you need to work on the design of your site and another thing is SEO. The intertwined of SEO and Web Design makes possible to get showered with the love of the customers. In short, it can be said that it cannot be underestimated at any rate. For the bright future of web design, it is quite helpful and required.
Significance Of A Great Connection Between Search Engine Optimization and SEO 

  • It requires having an easy navigation. Yes!!! We all know that easy navigation works a lot. It plays a significant role to build up a great SEO. Visitors always wish to confront a great site which has been designed in a great way. For this, you need to design the site in an attractive way. Whether it is header or footer, both must be easy to tackle. If a visitor finds your site in a confusing way, they would not love to go ahead or accessing. To make the header a bit attractive, you just need to keep buttons to keep the visitors away from the confusion. If your site is easy to navigate, your visitors would not confront any sorts of issues.
  • You must put images on your site after optimization. It helps a lot. Actually, when you put at your site before optimization, they take a great time to get loaded. This is another reason why many sites lose their customers. You must keep the size of image minimum. Another thing to keep in mind is that do not go for adding the new size and new logo of your site since it also takes a time to get loaded and make the customer a bit more lethargic. For example, if any web page having image takes more than 3 seconds to load, the visitor would love to switch somewhere else. 
  • Keywords research is another thing that cannot be ignored at any rate. Do not go for putting the ordinary keywords in the content. You must think as a mind of customers. When you think in this way, it starts working. 

What Is All About The SEO Prominent Components
Whether it is On-Page SEO or Off-Page SEO, they both are essential. Here, we are going to focus different activities of SEO. 

On-Page SEO includes:

  • Time To Clean and formatting page URLS
  • What Is The page load speed
  • Social sharing integration within your content
  • Add keyword in a creative manner into title tags, Meta descriptions, heading tags, alt text, etc.
  • Check out the Quality of the published Blog posts and page 

Off-Page SEO includes:

  • Increase Social sharing signals
  • Social bookmarking
  • Creating a high-quality Content
  • Prepare natural backlink profile 

Web design and Search Engine Optimization work are quite important for each other and cannot be ignored at any rate. In this new age, many designers prefer integration SEO while carving out a website.  For many new age businesses, it always works in a great manner.

For the business owner, it is quite essential to come across that how the integration of SEO and Web Design is required to rule over many hearts and come up with the great identity at the forefront. So, if you wish to dominate the new age competitive world, you must go keep all these points in the mind. 

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